On Top of the World: “Michael Jackson Mashup” (Part 4 )2018-10-25T13:45:16-05:00

Project Description

#MichaelJackson #BeatIt x #BillieJean x Smooth Criminal Mashup Party Rock Violin Cover on the Rooftop!

“On Top of the World” is a multi-part video experience that features part of our 2hr live concert 19 stories on top of the Equitable Building, above the city of Des Moines Iowa with a group of friends as the sun was setting over the sky line.

Brought to you by Home Ditty – HomeDitty‚ĄĘ is an online platform specifically designed to make hosting house concerts easy and hassle free : https://www.homeditty.com/

Part 4! Be sure to check out the other parts ūüôā

Video Tracklist: Part 1 – Secrets &. GMajor http://bit.ly/b2roof1
Part 2 – Stand By Me &. Dance With Me http://bit.ly/b2roof2
Part 3 – Get Lucky http://bit.ly/b2roof3
Part 4 – Michael Jackson Mashup http://bit.ly/b2roof4
Part 5 РRadio http://bit.ly/b2roof5
Part 6 – Hotel California
Part 7 – Light It Up

Shout out to our amazing team who made this possible:
Home Ditty
Equitable Building Des Moines
Powers Media House
BLIND Lighting Production

Edited by B2wins Studios

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