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“The B2wins are a stretch to understand without experiencing them LIVE. The violinist, Walter Caldas, sounds like Lindsey Sterling had a music baby with Carlos Santana. His vocals are as unique as a folk singer, yet strong like a pop star. His twin, Wagner Caldas, drives the group’s energy with an electric ukulele (cavaquinho) while hyping the crowds and the band alike. The bassist, Riley Scheetz, is a strong presence on stage and in speaker, comparable to Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers with infectious grooves like Michael Jackson. RaQwon Reed sits on the throne, feeding the band with a tight  Gospel-Pop pocket and ramps the music higher with well placed fills.”

Recorded Form

“In their recorded form, the B2wins explore pop music and top 40 elements while injecting heavy use of signature instrumentation for an organic sound. They have been compared to Michael Jackson, Santana, Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers and BOB in a blender.  While their first EP “2wins 4you” (2014) served primarily as demo purposes, the new direction of the group catapults off their early stylings for a new age sound. “We want to deliver a mainstream Pop sound for familiarity with anthem-like lyrics, but carve our own niche with our instruments so that when you hear our song for the first time, BANG, you know right away it’s us,” explains Wagner.





Music Videos

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